The MOTCARD Network is the new channel for organizations to connect and broadcast to the Jewish community. 


We Deliver Results.

Add value and purpose with the following unique benefits:


1. Attract new people to your programs

  • Our “Get the PERKS of being an MOT” discount platform for your special programs

2. Increase # of donors to your organization

  • Paid MOTCARD Ambassador ($95 annual fee) members (program launching March 1st) will automatically enter our microdonation program, which sends $18 of their membership fee to charities of their choice within our system.
  • We instill Tikkun Olam into the fabric of our fun membership value proposition. MOTCARD Organizational Members are included as suggested recipients of these donations from Ambassador-level members.


Three Added Perks

A. Global Jewish Community Professional Job Board

  • Our organizational partners have unlimited FREE job postings on the MOTCARD job board. Substantial savings compared to the $175 fee per job posting on


B. Digital Marketing Consulting (35% Discount)

  • MOTCARD Digital Marketing Consultants give you advice on website, copywriting, SEO, social media, etc. Receive 35% off our standard rate.


C. The Master MOTCARD Global Calendar

  • We communicate by email to over 2,000 Executive Directors of the top Jewish organizations in the world.
  • Our resulting calendar is distributed to our paid organizational partner members in biweekly updates.
  • We keep your Executive Director and Marketing Director, up-to-date on all major scheduled events in the United States, Israel, and the rest of the world
  • ‘We help to avoid scheduling conflicts for top leaders and their programs


Get all this at a great 2018 introductory rate.
MOTCARD Organizational Membership Fee: $495

Add your organization to the MOTCARD Network, the new channel to connect and broadcast to the Jewish community.

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