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 The world is full of people who have good intentions. But a Facebook “like” isn’t good enough!

It’s a basic tenet of Judaism and of great pride amongst our Ambassadors that we initiate and educate all members to begin or further their lives as philanthropists.



Support the causes you care about. Whether it’s Jewish organizations in the U.S., Israeli NGOs, or non-denominational nonprofits, MOT Card empowers you to decide.


Five clicks and you’re done. When you register for your MOT Card, you’ll choose five options from our list of 50+ organizations that match your interests. We do the rest.


Micro-donations range from 15% to 40% of your annual membership, depending on the card you choose. Each cause you select gets an equal share. The dollars quickly add up as hundreds of new members become donors each month.

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Nonprofits MOT Card Members Proudly Support

Just a few of the over 50 nonprofits MOT Card Members choose to support every year.

Jewish Nonprofits in the U.S.

National and Global Nonprofits

Israeli NGOs

Support Great Causes Like These…and Get All the Rewards of Ambassador Membership

Join MOTCARD to support these causes and get access to special events, and save on the things you love.

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